Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade

Our Mission

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We strive to be Santa Barbara's Biggest Art Party with A Purpose! Our mission is to bring the community together through the arts.
Solstice gives back in a number of different and has the following commitment and focus areas.


We are dedicated to welcoming ALL members of our community from ALL economic and ethnic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations, able-bodied to disabled, providing them with a nurturing place to create and express their unique individuality in a safe, educational environment.


We have team of staff that offers classes and workshops at various locations around town for the community how to create masks, costumes, floats and parade ensembles that include theatre, dance and song. We have opportunities for artists and community members to participate in art exhibits and various types of mentorships on how to create a float to how to plan a special event.


We have recently begun honoring a different community organization's good works each year. This year we are celebrating the Unity Shop for their long-standing dedication to our community. We are excited to have this wonderful community minded organization lead off our parade with the Theme of Celebrating Unity!


We are dedicated to using recycled materials in the float building process. Each year we save the wood and 90% of materials go back to creating a float next year or are donated to a group or organization that wants it. At the festival we strive to divert over 90% of materials from the dump and make it mandatory for vendors to use compostable and recyclable materials. We encourage participants to walk, bike or carpool to the event and have a number of incentives for those who do.


We support and encourage local food and craft vendors and seek to build mutually beneficial partnerships with area organizations wherever possible to grow new audiences and opportunities for local artists and area businesses.

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