La Colina Junior High

A Record of Excellence

La Colina Junior High Santa Barbara Logo

La Colina Junior High School was constructed on a 29-acre site and opened in September 1959. Originally operated as a three-year school, La Colina became a two-year junior high in 1981. La Colina is set back from Foothill Road, near the San Marcos Pass highway, with views of the mountains and the ocean.

Annually, La Colina Junior High is one of the highest achieving middle schools in the state. It has consistently exceeded the state’s demarcation of excellence, (i.e., Academic Performance Index or API) with a score of well over 800. The API this year is 879 which is an increase of 25 points from last year. At the federal level, La Colina has again regularly met the Adequate Yearly Progress targets. This year, La Colina met 20/21 of the targets. However, all groups did improve.

The vision of the school is to provide a rigorous standards-based instructional program that is based on a culture of equity and access including the 3R’s (relevance, rigor and relationships), and promotes excellence for all.

The mission of the school is to help all students to achieve 100% mastery on the Common Core CA State Content Standards.

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