Peabody Charter School

3018 Calle Noguera
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Working collaboratively to create a safe, caring, innovative, and challenging academic program

Peabody Charter School Santa Barbara Logo

Peabody Charter School opened on August 27, 1928 after receiving a generous gift of the land from Fredrick Forrest Peabody, founder of the Arrow Shirt Company and local public school benefactor. The school began with six classrooms and 115 children and has undergone three major renovations and a six-fold population increase in its 72 year history. The main building consisted of the two lateral wings and main entry that face Calle Noguera, with open-air covered hallways along the rear side.

In 1993, Peabody School was granted a “charter” from the State of California, establishing a new kind of partnership between the state, the local district and the school. Functioning as a charter school allows Peabody the authority, flexibility and latitude to provide innovative curriculum development and instruction. Peabody Charter School is autonomous and responsible for all things pertaining to the governance of the school, including on-site administration, staff development, curriculum development, methodology and delivery of instruction to our ethnically and socio-economically diverse student population.

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